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Sexual Harassment Attorneys Los Angeles

Sexual Harassment Attorneys Los Angeles

You would need a sexual harassment lawyer right away if you encountered an incident where you have been harassed sexually at work. You can always try to let your human resources know about the incident, but it is prudent that you hire from one of the sexual harassment attorneys Los Angeles available. They can help you file a complaint in case you think that the human resources department did not respond properly to the incident.

There are two types of harassment which you might want to know. The first is the hostile environment. It is where an employee feels uneasy because of a coworker or employer’s actions that are of sexual nature. If you are offended by a person’s remark or joke in a sexual manner, you can file a complaint. Remember that harassment not only includes sexual nature, but it can also be jokes or remarks about a person’s race, religion or gender. These offenses should not be taken lightly because it breeds a negative effect on the workplace.

The second type of harassment is the quid-pro-quo. It is an incident where the employer asks for a sexual favor in exchange for a job or promotion.

Learn how to document each incident to have a proper timeline as evidence. These notes will come in handy when the case goes to trial.

When looking to hire a lawyer look for the one that specializes in sexual harassment. Any recommendation from your family or friend is good but never choose a lawyer that doesn’t specialize in sexual harassment. Each lawyer has their specialty which means you should only hire the one who knows a lot about these cases. An initial consultation will be made, so it is advisable to have all your notes ready before you set up the meeting. The lawyer will then assess if a valid claim can be made.