Cancer Prevention Tips

Cancer Prevention Tips

cancer-01Cancer is a scary disease. It is one of the leading cause of death every year. The bad part of it is you don’t know you have it until it has spread. There are a lot of factors that can increase the risk of getting it. Fortunately, with modern science, we can fight and prevent it from happening.

Here are some of the tips:

  1. Losing weight and maintaining it at a healthy level is one of the basic tips in preventing cancer. The risk of cancer increases when your weight increase too. For the female, an increased body weight means that your body is producing more female hormones. This increases your risk of getting ovarian, cervical and breast cancer.
  2. We all know smoking is bad so why still do it? It affects your lungs as well as your oral cavity and stomach. Smoking increases the cancer risk exponentially. Let’s not forget your loved ones receiving secondhand smoke.
  3. To maintain the proper weight, you will need to eat the right foods. Go for fruit and vegetable juices. Eat green vegetables for they contain magnesium which prevents unnecessary cell replication. Antioxidants are found in these foods which help improve your immune system. Aside from fruits and vegetables, you might also want to try GcMAF yogurt. It is an exciting discovery that is when used can trigger your own body’s immunotherapies. Best of all it has no side effect.
  4. Exposing yourself to radiation is a big no. Aside from x-rays, your cell phone is a source of radiation. Avoid long talks on your cell phone because it can expose you to microwaves according to some studies.
  5. Never disregard something that you feel isn’t right in your body. Any symptom or ailment could mean cancer. Always consult a doctor before self-medicating. Any bleeding or unusual pain is something your doctor should know so that they can assist you properly and on time. Letting these ailments last longer only increases your risk.

All in all the main message is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your body so that you can take care of your loved ones.

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